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Seabridge Maritime Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

109, Bajaj Bhavan,

Nariman Point,

Bombay 400 021.

Dear sirs,

Removal of Imported Container From Mumbai Port to Godown Nos. 3 x 40 DRY VAN

Container No. :                                                        Voy :

STC                            :                                           Item :

Arrived Per MV      :                                        Dtd.                             From:

Your Custom Bond No.  S/43 Container

In consideration of you allowing us to remove the above-mentioned import loaded full containers to our premises.  We, the undersigned, hereby undertake and guarantee you the following:

1. We shall at our cost & risk remove the above containers from nominated site at ___________________ within 7 days and return the same to your storage yard within one month from the date of its removal.

2. We shall at our cost arrange to survey the containers by your surveyors before removal from nominate site and after returning at your storage yard.

3. In case of any damages to the containers whilst in our custody we shall pay the repair cost of damages as established by your surveyors.

4. In case we fail to return the containers within one month from the date of removal, we shall obtain necessary permission from you and customs authorities to retain the containers with us beyond 30 days.

5. In case the containers are lost whilst in our custody we shall pay you the cost of the containers and the customs duty applicable on the containers.

6. We shall produce the triplicate copy of the bill of entry duly endorsed by customs 7 days from the date of returning the containers along with survey reports.

7. We undertake to clear all outstanding charges prior to submission of the receipt to your office for cancellation of this guarantee.

8. We shall keep you and carriers completely indemnified and harmless from the against all consequences which may arise from your complying with our request.

9. This Bond will remain in force till such time we comply with our above undertaking and fulfill all your/customs authorities requirements.

10.We hereby confirm that the import cargo does not contain any contraband articles, in terms of Indian customs regulation and that the shippers have not tampered with containers for the purpose of concealment of any contraband cargo.  In the event of customs or any other government authorities discovering that there has been any violation in this respect.  We as consignee of the cargo would be fully responsible for all the cost and consequences for the same.  We further reaffirm that the containers would only be taken to our premises at __________________ and that we would approximately take ________ days to return the containers back to your empty storage yard after removal from the nominate site.

Place     : Mumbai

Date      :

                                                                                                                        Yours faithfully


                                                                                                                   (Authorized Signatory).


Bank Guarantee

Notwithstanding anything contained herein before our maximum liability under this guarantee inclusive of or any interest shall in no event exceed in aggregate (Rupees _________________________________ only) valid upto inclusive of and is conditional upon a upon a claim being filed with us within 3 months from expiry of the date in writing failing which your rights under the guarantee shall/be forfeited and we shall be/ relieved and discharged from liabilities.

Insurance Value

20       - 2,71,000/-

40       - 4,79,000/-

 THC + D/o Charges + Advance detention charges.