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The President of India

Through: The Commissioner of Customs


KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that we, _______________________, having its registered Office at ____________________________ carrying on business in the name of _________________________ herein after called the ‘importer’ (which  expression shall include its successors/heirs, executors administrators and legal representatives) are held and firmly bound unto the President of India hereinafter called the President (which expression shall include his successors and assigns) in the sum of Rupees _____________ only to be paid to the President for which payment well and truly to be made, we, _________________________, bind ourselves, our successors/heirs, executors administrators and legal representatives firmly by these presents. 

Sealed with our seals this 13th day of August, 2004.  

WHEREAS the Assistant Commissioner of Customs,  Chennai (hereinafter called the Proper Officer) has agreed to make provisional assessment of the goods imported from time to time by the Importer under Project Import pending submission of further documents and furnishing information and/or completion of further enquiries and/or chemical test and the proper Officer has agreed to allow clearance of the goods subject to the importer’s proving to the satisfaction of Proper Officer that the imported goods are freely importable and upon the importer agreeing to furnish such bond as is herein contained.  


1.      If the importer shall within twelve months from the date of importation of the respective consignments or within such extended period as the Proper Officer may allow in this behalf, produce such documents and furnish such information as may be called for by the said Proper Officer, and  

2.      If the importer pays to the President on demand and without demur difference between the duty finally assessed and the duty provisionally assessed in respect of the goods imported from time to time, and  

3.      If the importer pays to the President on demand and without demur any penalty and pay fine that may be adjusted in lieu of confiscation of the said goods for importation of the goods or part thereto without a valid import license.  

Then the above written bond shall be void and of no effect, otherwise the same shall remain in full force, effect and virtue. 

AND IT IS HEREBY AREED AND DECLARED BY the Importer as follows:-  

1.      This bond is given under the orders of the Central Government for the performance of an act in which the public are interested.  

2.      This bond shall remain in force from the date hereof and the obligation and liberty of the importer shall be a continuing one in respect of all goods imported from time to time by the importer under project import.  

3.      The right of the President to recover the said amount from importer will not be affected or suspended by reason of the fact that any dispute or disputes have been raised by the importer with regard to the liability or that any proceedings are pending before any officer, Tribunal or Court with regard thereto or in connection therewith. 

4.      The guarantee herein contained shall not be determined or affected by the liquidation or winding up of the Importer and this bond shall be valid till the finalization of the Project Import. 

5.      The President through the Proper Officer or other officer may recover the said sum of (100% CIF value) Rupees _____________ only or portion thereof in the manner laid in sub-section (1) of Sec. 142 of Customs Act, 1962 without prejudice to any other mode of recovery.  

6.      The guarantee hereby given shall be continuing one and shall not be revoked without the previous consent of the President or the Commissioner of Customs, Chennai in writing.  

IN WITNESS HEREOF  the parties hereto have hereunto set and subscribed the respective hands hereunto on day and year above written.



Signed by


For and on behalf of the

Importer in the presence of