(Vide Rule 10 Part II Exemption from Octroi Rules)
(Form of application to be used for claiming exemption from Octroi of articles imported from foreign countries through the Port of Bombay by and for the use of State and Central Government Undertaking etc. for use and consumption outside Greater Bombay Limits).

The Deputy Assessor and Collector (Octroi)
Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai  

This is to certify the articles mentioned below are the property of an are for the bonafide use and consumption which is a State Undertaking.

The articles are to be despatched beyond Greater Bombay Limits from the Port of Bombay.  The said articles are not be sold, used or consumed any where within Greater Bombay Limits.


Date & Place of Import______________________________________________________________

IGM No./Bill of Entry No.& Dt.__________________________________________________________

Name of Steamer_____________________________________________________________________

No. & Description of Articles____________________________________________________________

Weight (Gross & Net)________________________________Value_____________________________


                                                                                                                    Signature of Responsible Official of                                                                                                                     State Government, Undertaking.